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Get started with ZiPay today, become a trader and investor by simply buying and selling ZiPay Tokens.


Connect to our support teams to get you started on how to exchanges your ZiPay Assets.


Mine corecoin in ZiPay software and hash its into Zicoin.


Buy ZiCoin with Credit or Debit, Paypal, Cryptocurrency.

About ZiPay

ZiPay uses a decentralise modern blockchain technology to generate trading token known as ZiCoin which is widely recognized and used by ZiWallet users around the world. You can generate you own ZiCoin by connecting your payment to your account either card payment, paypal or crypto wallet.

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If you have traded ZiWallet before and you are asking how to get my crypto assets connect to my live trade account. You don't have to look too far, just a click below and proceed.



This software is very user friendly and easy to trade with. Fast shipping method to wallet.


I love this software because you can easily connect your crypto wallet to your trading account.

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Invest in live trading and earn profits, our live trade software are user friendly and easy to analysized trading strageties.